Baijia Heavy Duty Counter BJ-3200

Baijia Heavy Duty Counter BJ-3200
Product Code: Baijia Heavy Duty Counter BJ-3200
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Baijia Heavy Duty Counter

Product Description

Money Counters save time and increase accuracy by counting stacks of currency, checks, or coupons. Currency Counters eliminate errors caused by manually counting each bill piece by piece. Cash counters count, batch, add, and, in some machines, even detect counterfeit bills. Bill counters are available for counting (mixed) bills and international currency.


  • High speed counting
  • Detection UV and MG
  • Suitable for banknote
  • Size: 75-245mm (L), 50-85mm (W)
  • Counting Speed: 18000/1200 600 pcs per min
  • Hopper Capacity: 600 pcs.

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